Ian, this is the only body of water these shorts have ever seen.

Dan (about *the* swim shorts and the BB pool)

"The Swim Shorts"

Dan: Britney, you wanna be grossed out?

Britney: What….

Dan: These swim shorts have only been washed in chlorine. 

Boogie: Even after you got home!?

Dan: No.

Britney: That’s gross. You’re just carrying around people’s nast, in addition to you own nast, in your crotch. And putting it back into the pool. 

I'm not going out with class.

  • Willie: I'm not going out like that.
  • Britney: Like what? With class?
  • Willie: No, I'm not going out with class.

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Pudding has to be one of the best have-not foods in the history of BB. I eat it, my grandma eats it, even my long-lost cousins probably eat it.

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I don’t understand these pants. Definitely don’t understand my Aladdin vest. I don’t know whether I’m supposed to be a genie, or a waiter.

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I think I can work my magic with Frank. I think I can get him to stay away from me… In a good way.

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What happens when you don’t eat Chef Joe’s meal

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Squeeze it out

  • Janelle: Did you see the fight?
  • Ashley: No, I was peeing! And it was a long pee, I had to like, try to squeeze it out.

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Mirror, Mirror

  • Frank: Why do you keep looking in the mirror?
  • Ian: Just to see what my face looks like.

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