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Big Brother alums and overall cute couple, Jeff and Jordan (BB11, BB13), are moving in together in California and they are letting America join them as they travel Route 66 to get there. They recently recorded a Q&A for CBS.com to promote their new web series, Jeff and Jordan Do America.


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In case you were wondering… (and spoilers)

I haven’t given up on this season. It’s just really boring at the last stages.  I do know that there is a spoiler out there for tonight’s show, which is a taped eviction from yesterday. 

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*Spolier Alert*

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your POV winner(s). Team Jorchel was saved by Rachel’s veto win, something physical and hanging-related, and because of the Pandora’s Box twist, both are saved from the block. Kalia and Porsche are partners, so Porsche will have to nominate the duo of Shelly and Adam. It’s a crazy ride…

This is one of the saddest things you’ll ever see. It’s like 1,000 kittens just died.

She’s a dumb bitch. Who wears too much eye makeup.

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Jordan (about Daniele)

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Jeff looks like a boy band, back in the 90s, when they wear the overalls and show their muscles. And Jeff likes boy bands. Jeff goes to his buddies garage and he’d call me and sing me boy band songs. Don’t show this, he’ll get mad!

So funny. Love it.

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Jeff: My favorite part of the whole costume are the cute little pig tails. Just cute as a stupid little button.

Big Brother 13

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So Canada, do you have to… It’s not considered another country, right? Do you need a passport?

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Trashy Reception

What nonsensical wedding would be complete without a reception? Jeff toasted the newly not-legally-married couple with a few lines from the movie “Blow”.  Jordan caught the “bouquet” (aka a floral decoration from the house) and Jeff caught the garter (which I believe was a headband). To top it all off, the bride and groom honeymooned in the hammock.